The Top 50 Inspirational Movies

I myself am a movieholic and expect you guys find inspiration from this list. Enjoy the show


2. Keep in mind The Titans- In the 1970 s a white and black high school are shut down and blacks and whites are mixed together. Through all the in strain that a black mentor has been chosen to go the newly commissioned soccer team

3. FOREST GUMP- The narrative of a man with a low IQ who rose above his struggles, also proved that decision, courage, and love are far more important than intellectual capability

4. THE COLOR PURPLE-Its based on the life and trials and tribulations of an African American girl from the early 1900’s

5. RUDY: A big soccer enthusiast who always had the fantasy to play for the Notre Dame football staff. He is told he is too little for the game but he perseveres on

6. ALI-Based on the true narrative of Excellent boxing champion Muhammad Ali

7. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL-It’s the narrative of a funny and carefree Jewish guy who utilizes his comic talent to safeguard his son out of the realities of Nazi job



10. THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION- Two men in prison bond over lots of years, they find eventual redemption during actions of decency.

1 1. On death row he is able to locate salvation


13. He faces several trials too triumphs as he perseveres to Improve his family’s narrow minded set ways, internal conflict, and standing on his own feet


1-5. GANDHI-True narrative about Mohandas Gandhi a dominant Indian leader

16. Chariots Of Fire-About athletes who compete at the Summer Olympics about their perseverance and succeed.

17. PHILADELPHIA- Is Just a film Handling HIV/AIDS and homosexuality and it highlights the homophobic and stigma of both

18. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES- Its a recollection film in which an older woman remembers the story of 2 women their trials and tribulations and lifelong friendship

19. RAIN MAN- About a greedy man who discovers his dad left his countless dollars to an older brother that he didn’t even know existed

20. THE NOTEBOOK- A Gorgeous romance story that lasts decades

2-1. TITANIC- Is a film series in the ill fated Titanic ship and its about a romance that develops on the ship

2-2. SEA BISCUIT- True story of this undersized Depression-era racehorse whose successes raised not the spirits of their group behind it but also those of the country

2 3. RAY-True life story of Ray Charles and his Incredible story of overcoming the hopeless

24. PAY IT FORWARD- About the amazing story of how a boy affects the lives of many people throughout the simple action of great deeds

25. THE BUCKET LIST- About two older timers who choose to perform All of the things they have always needed to do until they perish of the terminal disorders

26. It’s about his effect on the gay rights movement. One of the greatest movies I have ever seen.

27. Coach Carter- A basketball coach in a senior school works hard to change the bad attitudes of his or her students.

28. RADIO- About an shy mentally challenged guy who arouses a community

29. FREEDOM WRITERS- About a instructor who teachers tough inner city children who struggles to make a gap in the students lives and set them on a better path

30. NORMA REA- About a mill worker in a southern textile company who stands up for the improved working conditions of her himself and workers.

3-1. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK- Based on the Life Span of Anne Frank who conceals against the NAZI through the invasion

3 2. GLORY: The story of the very first company of black soldiers in the American civil war

3 3. LIFE SUPPORT- the narrative of a mother with AIDS who disturbs crack dependence becomes an AIDS activist in her neighborhood

3-4. BABE- A pig That Is increased by sheep dogs reevaluate how to herd sheep

35. WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT- The Remarkable life story of the Wonderful entertainer Tina Turner as well as the Wonderful hurdles she awakens

36. HOTEL RWANDA- The true life story of a man who sheltered thousands of Rwandans during the Rwandan genocide from danger and death

37. G 1 JANE- Is on the first woman in permitted at the Cable seals and enormous hurdles in her way

38. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD- Based in racially torn 1939 Alabama and its particular about the hearing of a black man accused of raping a white lady

39. GLORY ROAD- Is based upon the true story of this first all black basketball line-up for your 1966 NCAA national basketball tournament name

40. SARAFINA- About the Soweto youth riots against apartheid in South Africa


42. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE- The narrative of a slum child who grows up and plays the Indian version of Who wants to become a Millionaire

43. AMERICAN HISTORY X- A reformed Neo-Nazi Happens of jail and tries to stop his younger brother exactly precisely the same path he did


4 5. SCHINDLERS LIST- Based upon the true narrative of the business guy Oscar Schindler who conserves tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazi machine throughout World war two

46. BOYS DON’T CRY- A story concerning the courage to be who you’re amid horrible opposition

4-7. CHOCOLAT- About a mom and daughter who move into a traditional Narrowminded French city in 1960 and shake things up

48. MALCOLM X- The real life story of Malcolm X an influential black individual rights activist

49. OLIVER TWIST- Based on Charles Dickens picture of a young orphan boy and also the difficulties that he discovers out as he attempts to live in a brutal universe


I love these movies. For those who haven’t seen any of them check out them you don’t have anything to lose. To your own life!