The Greatest Blackjack Players of All Time – Who Were They?

Since the explosion in the poker business, especially the internet poker business, poker has skyrocketed into probably one of the most recognizable gambling events in the world. You hear about names such as Joe Hasham, Chris Moneymaker and Phil Hellmuth and the others who have taken the world by storm and also have become instant recognizable celebrities, but I think occasionally we’ve forgotten about the other gambling game that is played purely on chances and analytics and that is blackjack. There are quite a couple of legends in blackjack which can be very popular because of their legendary status as amazing blackjack players and also the fact that they have written many novels on the topic.

In my opinion, the excellent blackjack dominobet players of our period is Barry Meadow. Barry has won numerous blackjack tournaments and it has even written a remarkably common publication called blasting the internet casinos. His expertise is not only restricted to blackjack novels as he is also an expert on horse racing and he has a few books out on how to play horseracing to acquire. Stanford Wong is another blackjack player that is up there with Barry Meadow as one of the greatest black jack players residing and he has also written a few books about the best way best to beat the black jack procedure. Standforn started to learn to play blackjack at the tender age of 12 as well as started to study the probability of every hand at the age and also the chances of winning each distinct form of hand against the home. Whats also incredible is that in he travelled on to graduate from Stanford University with a PhD in statistics. I had a PhD in numbers I definitely would select a sport like blackjack to try and profit within my understanding of q and stats.

Stanford had developed their own statistic method for single deck blackjack matches but soon enough the land based casinos began to grab off and on 4 decks of cards in their blackjack tables. He definitely was a man beyond his time at the sports world.

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